Praise from Wilder Alums

"Wilder was able to create an unparalleled mixture of vulnerability and peace. It fully accepted me as the person, writer, and runner that I am while challenging me to be even more of myself in each role. Wilder created an environment where women could be their best at accepting, supporting, and loving other women."

"The Wilder retreat really helped me to notice the similarities of running and writing practice. The workshops laid bare the self-defeating patterns and beliefs I was harboring about writing. The parallels between writing and running are uncanny. Whether you feel stronger in running or writing, exposing your comfort zones and awkward zones is both strengthening and humbling all in one."

"I knew Wilder would be something special, but it truly exceeded all my expectations, thanks to the incredible leaders, amazing staff and spot-on organization. Both my running and my writing will never be the same!"

"The Wilder retreat completely re-opened my writing doors and also offered me new opportunities to explore myself while running. I was totally blown away by the experience and pleasantly surprised at my natural ability to just open up, be myself and be social with other like-minded women. The environment felt safe but also felt challenging, in that I felt comfortable skipping out on activities, but nothing was "dumbed down" for anyone. You either did it, or you didn't. Lauren, Marianne and Julia all did a very good job!" —Caitlyn Pilkington

"Wilder was a beautiful way for me to find clarity in many aspects of my life, not solely within running and writing. I met so many wonderful women, and that community was more important than any of the activities we did. It was through community that I was able to be present and connect with the runner and writer in me and how those selves interact with my everyday life."

"Four days at Wilder was a journey in self discovery unlike anything I have experienced. It was a physical, mental, and emotional mountain that was so worth the climb. If you want to deepen your writing and running practices, get to know people with similar passions, and understand yourself better in the process, Wilder is the place. It's only flaw is that it ends."

"Wilder exceeded my expectations. I grew as a writer, a runner, and a person. Lauren, Marianne and Julia knew just what we needed and delivered it perfectly. I can't recommend it highly enough."

"Wilder Running exceeded any and all expectations I had about what a retreat could be. It helped me hit the reset button on inspiration and exploration of running, writing and myself. I met such wonderful women and got to soak up the wisdom of Lauren, Marianne and Julia. I am so grateful for the experience, and highly recommend it."

"I entered Wilder with no expectations and left with full heart. Wilder destroys societal negative connotations and proves that women are a force to be reckoned with. In the weeks since Wilder, I have felt an ongoing ability to be present in my life."

"This retreat will transform the way you approach both writing and running—challenging you to go deeper, providing you with courage, and helping unearth the power of movement—whether legs or hand—with a special group of people and retreat leaders."