A Space for Wilder Writers

An idea born from the inaugural Wilder Retreat

The first WILDER retreat turned out to be a supercharged environment for creative energy. Day by day, people found more and more depth and richness in their writing. The container of the retreat worked it's magic, as it is designed to do, but as it came to a close, there was a stirring of concern. Now that I can write so potently and truthfully, how should I put things out into the world?

For some, writing was a career demanding a different type of edited, widely consumable work; for others, writing had become a beloved toy left on a high shelf for too long that was now rediscovered; for most, there was no shortage of material to express but no place to safely publish it, which prevented it from ever being written in the first place. What if it wasn't possible to publish under one's real name? What if it feels too sacred to publish on Facebook, or doesn't fit in with the box one has built around their personal blog or brand? I experience this myself, and I believe barriers such as these prevent powerful work from seeing the light of day. And seeing the light of day isn't always about readers being moved by the work (even though that often happens); work being seen through from heart to page moves the creator. 

Now that I've had a couple months to think about my experience at WILDER, I see an opportunity to provide a space for WILDER writing to live. This blog will be a collection of writing from the WILDER alumni community. It can be poetry, personal essay, short stories, fiction, humor, or experimental. Works may be published with the author's name, an alias, or anonymously. 

So watch this space, and sign up for the newsletter or follow WILDER on social media for updates on new work.