Teacher Spotlight: Laurie Wagner


Without Laurie Wagner, there would be no Wilder. You see, Laurie hosted a workshop called "Writing into Forbidden Territory" (I wrote all about it afterwards) that she co-facilitated with my friend Marianne Elliott. Just a couple of months prior, I had taken a 90 min writing workshop with Marianne in Bend on a whim, and she let me know about her next workshop with Laurie. It would involve travel to California where Laurie's business "27 Powers" is located, and money, and I had never done anything like this for a hobby before. It felt like a big stretch. I didn't know Laurie yet, but I trusted Marianne completely, and if she thought I'd get a lot out of it, I was willing to try it once.

Laurie is a force. She knows how to hold space and get the words out of you that you are dying to write. She helped us tap into our authentic voice and keep the pen moving so we could get to what we were really trying to say. She opened new doors for me on what was possible to write down, things real, and things forbidden. She helped me see the value in writing these things even if they never saw another set of eyes but mine, even if I put them through a shredder before day's end. I left Laurie's place feeling more free and wild and open, and my writing showed it.

I am so thrilled to announce that Laurie Wagner will be joining me this March to host the first ever Wilder Workshop. It will be in the Wilder style: a running and writing workshop that blends and explores the two disciplines for the purpose of enhancing both. This workshop has a condensed schedule to make it more accessible for people who can't take any or much time off work, and is significantly more affordable than the longer, more all-inclusive retreats I've hosted so far.

In discussing our upcoming workshop, Laurie put it best, "Running and writing have a lot in common, especially in terms of the head game and how our thoughts contribute to our experience. In Wild Writing part of what we're learning how to do is to keep writing even when we don't like what we're writing, to keep the words flowing even if we're sure we're doing it wrong. In Wild Writing we're learning how to be comfortable being uncomfortable - which is something athletes understand. Staying in the game, one foot in front of the other, one word and then the next - that's what we're here to learn."

Registration is open and first come first served. No application required.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.




Laurie's Bio:

Laurie Wagner has been publishing books and essays, and teaching writing for the last 25 years. She is a process guru and has a genius for holding space, helping people unzip what’s inside of them, and get ink on the page. A creative brain-stormer, she specializes in out of the box ways to tell your stories. Her Wild Writing classes- live and online - are the cornerstone of her current work. She is the author of Living Happily Ever After: Couples Talk about Long Term Love, and Expectations: 30 Women Talk about Becoming a Mother. Check out her blog at: 27powers.org