We want to go deeper. Do you?


We want to do something new…

Wilder Retreats have a way of opening things up. A lot of people feel like they are just getting started on the last day or two…just dropping into their voice. For some this leads to a new home practice. For others this results in an empowering memory, and the knowledge that there is something there, waiting to be tapped into, when given the chance.

We are eager to create something we are calling the “Wilder Lab,” a retreat exclusively for people who have attended a previous Wilder Retreat and are already familiar with the practices. What if we could drop right in? Go deeper? Say yes to what comes? What would happen on the trail, and the page? What stories would we write? What would we learn? How would we change?

We really really want to have this event, but it’s not yet a sure thing. The tentative dates are May 24-27, 2019. We are awaiting confirmation from the venue, which is experiencing some schedule changes, and will update the website on February 13 to reflect the status of the Wilder Lab.

In the meantime, don’t miss a chance to apply to the June Wilder Retreat if you are interested! The deadline is February 22.