We really want to have a reunion


We want to go deeper…do you?

Wilder Retreats open things up for people. The specifics are different for everyone, but after experiencing the arc of the Wilder Retreat, many people feel that they are just getting started…really dropping into their voice. For some this leads to a new practice at home. For others it is an empowering memory, and a reminder that there is something waiting there to tap into again when given the chance.

We are dying to host what we are calling a “Wilder Lab,” which is a chance to come together with other alums of Wilder Retreats and see what happens to our running and writing practice when we drop right in. When we already know the philosophy and feel secure in the familiar container that is created, what might come to the page? What might we learn?

With an emphasis on both writing and witnessing in the “Wild Writing” tradition, this will be a very special retreat led by Lauren Fleshman. We hope to have it May 24-27, 2019, but we are awaiting confirmation from the venue, and will update this page on February 13th with the status.

In the meantime, don’t miss the opportunity to apply to our June retreat. The application deadline is February 22.