Application faq’s


Q: Any tips on filling out the application?

A: We first narrow the field by determining whether we feel the person is seeking, (or primed for), what we actually work to create. We are creating something very specific at Wilder. It’s best to make sure you know what you are applying for by reading the information about the retreat, and then if it feels right to you, simply be honest in your answers and let us get to know you a bit in your responses.


Q: What are the top mistakes people make when applying?

A: The number one mistake is not giving enough information in your replies for us to get a feel for who you are or what you care about. Answers do not need to be super long, but a few sentences up to a paragraph or two can go a long way in helping us visualize you as a human being. We do not accept people we can’t get a basic feel for.

The next biggest mistake is a reluctancy to be yourself. It is pretty clear when someone is providing answers they think are “right” answers. It’s best not to make assumptions about what we want to see, and just answer in a way that feels truthful.


Q: What happens if I don’t get accepted?

A: Please don’t get too discouraged! We are limited by space, and available weekends to do this. We generally have 3-5x the amount of applicants as spots available, and we always have to say “not this time” to people we really want to have with us. An element of chance is involved. You still might be a great fit for a future Wilder. If you don’t get accepted, if you apply the next year, be sure to let us know you have applied before (and how many times). There is not a guarantee of getting a spot the next time, but we do keep track and take that into consideration as one of the factors.